Curtain Tracking Hardware

Track and Roller Carrier Detail on a Threaded Rod Installation

We can walk you through every stage of curtain track installation.

We can walk you through every stage of curtain tracking installation.  Below is a list of all the Hardware needed for your own Curtain Track System. ***(Track is only sold in complete orders, not as individual pieces. Cost is $15 per running foot which includes track, connecting and hanging hardware, roller carriers and end stops. Radius sections are an additional $50 each).

Wall-mount Hardware


Ceiling Support Hardware


Threaded Rod Support Hardware


Unmounted Track


Track End Stops


Beam or Chain Support Hardware


About Us

Track Details

Curtain Tracking ships in 4',5',6' sections, (and radiuses if needed) all by UPS 

We can walk you through every detail of getting the correct mounting hardware.

Multiple Ways to Mount Hardware


Curtain Tracking can be ceiling, wall, floor, or suspended mounted with all thread from above.  No special tools are needed for installation.

Maximize Space


Track and curtains allow multi- purpose use of valuable space. An area can be closed or opened up in a matter of seconds.

Wallmount Curtain w/ velcro valance attachment


Track with Wooden Header

Wooden header is added over metal curtain tracking used to velcro valance


Curtain hung on tracking

The curtain is hung on the curtain tracking before valance is added.


Final Product

Finished curtains with valance velcroed in place. This curtain is used to hide a mirror in a dance studio